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GET READY for Profitable Trades with my WD Gann Inspired Trading System & Astro Trade Alerts that ID the Time of Price Turn & its Mystical Support

(EVEN IF you've got a 9-5 job, about to give up or finding it very difficult dealing with the uncertainty...)


You Have A Dream Of Becoming A Successful Trader
And Here's What This 1:1 Challenge Is Designed For

Here's the 3 Simple steps:
WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong
4-week access to t Astro trade alerts on Telegram App (DJI/Nasdaq, GBP/USD, and Gold) based on my Esoteric Method. It will point you to where the big trend starts ahead of time so you can trade with less stress and more certainty. 
WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong
4-week access to training videos in Module One of our Signature Course Trading Genius Formula - includes how to find the Safest Spot to Enter, how to Read the Market (Trending vs Range-Bound) and Change in Trend. You’ll get cheat sheets, exercise so you get off the ground on the right foot, fast.
WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong
Combine the Astro Trade Alerts in our Telegram Channel and  our Math Trading Tool taught in Trading Genius Formula to ID the safe spot to enter a trade even if you've a 9-5 job!

Our Astro Trade Alerts Group REPORT CARD in 2021




Celebrating WINS with my Client!


Who is Khit Wong and Why Should I do your Challenge?

The One Trade that Changes My Life 

With years of research on W.D. Gann's work, I entered into a British Pound trade using his 'Anniversary Date' Signal on 2007 November 9 and made a small profit. It's not a fluke. This 'Esoteric' Signal consistently performs well. The very similar planet set up in the sky on 2007 November 9, which was the all the high of British Pound, has reappeared in the sky again on 2014 September 28 and 2015 November 4. I sold 5 contracts of British Pound each and made a profit of US$30,000+.

I find a way to correct count Fibonacci waves, and I suddenly saw the pattern recurring in the market. Wheels within wheels, I see cycles everywhere. History repeats itself and cycles become prevalent in all financial assets and I’ve come up with my Esoteric Method & Signals.


“WANT MORE PROOFS?  These UNFILTERED Snapshots from 10 YEARS of My Trading PROVE the “Gann Secrets” I’ve Decoded… WORK!  I can teach You How to STOP Being A Slave To Your Computer, Take Home REAL Profits, and Revolutionize Your Trading!” Khit Wong

Gann said that EVERY market movement is PREDICTABLE. They are the measurable “Effects” created by “Causes” that existed LONG before. I’ve used this “CAUSE & EFFECT”, Astro-Trading Strategy to Create Forecasts Since 2011 !


Result: Dow plunged on Sept. 3 2021, and we bagged 2,500+ Dow Points in 3 weeks

DOW Finished 600+ Points In a SINGLE DAY After Brexit, but it Wasn’t a Surprise to Us! Here are REAL Profits You Can Have When You Use These Decoded Gann Methods!!

Short-Sell Dow at 18,000 Signal to my Community on Jun 13, 2016

Result: Dow plunged on June 14, 2016, and we bagged a 1,000+ Dow Points 

Gann said: "TIME is more important than price.” I predict price turns, when the time is up, the effects of MYSTICAL SUPPORT (Dark Energy), and place VERY tight stop-losses. 
Gann’s Teachings have determined ALL of the forecasts that I posted in the forum from 2011-2014!   (See the timestamps!)

Called a Top at 0.9650 in AUD/USD, expecting a 300 pips drop before the end of 2013

Result:  300+ Pips Win

Short-Sell Hang Seng (Hong Kong) Index Signal at 22,800 posted on October 24, 2013

Result: 1,500+ Points Win 

Predicted 600 Pips within the Given Time Limit!  
Remember Gann said:  "Time is more important than price. When time is up price will reverse."

Result: My Japanese Yen Trade made 550 Pips Gain!

On May 24th, 2014, I Predicted the End of as Astrological Cycle for Gold and the price would be at $1,535

Result: Rebound $70 in 4-week time!

Still feeling in Awe and Humbled - I am the first Hongkonger to be invited to contribute forecasts and articles to, “Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities” and “Traders World” based on my trading record’s success over the last 15 years. My methods of Predicting Market Cycles are NOT ON TRIAL, even amongst the most experienced professionals. 

Some of my Timestamped Calls on

GBP/USD: 10,784 Win 
Gold: $8,641 Win

I intentionally chose the most Unforgiving Platform to publish my calls. DOES NOT allow Manipulation or Deletion of any kind once the forecast is published! Now, it can NEVER be said that I Cherry-Pick my winners. 

Notice the market moves and waves marked in a thin red line was my forecast.

The colored area of the chart is how the market unraveled afterward.

Need PROOF it can happen?  

News Trading LIVE Workshop in 2018

During the workshop, I made a call on October 3th the AMZN stock price will highly likely go sideways between $1,900 – $2,000 and the stock plunged 15%.

A Non-Farm Payroll LIVE Webinar in 2017

I don’t speculate or gamble on Non-Farm Payroll. I put in a Post Non-Farm Payroll trade in Nov 2017 using our Mathematical Formula in a live webinar, and I made 75+ pips.

I am NOT another “guru” that has never actually trading myself. My most PROLIFIC CALLS came from the LONG history and education of my own trading. I AM and WILL FOREVER BE an Active Trader. Why would you follow me if I’m not willing to Put my own Money On the Line? Here’s proof of the actual returns from my Mathematical and Astrological Trading Methods.

Live trading on June 12th, 2020 using our Mathematical Formula 

I doubled my account and made US$1,290 off 20 Dow contracts using what I’ve taught in Trading Genius Formula with no drawdown 56 minutes.

Live trading on July 6th using our Esoteric Astro Formula 

Live trading on July 6th, 2020 using our Moon Trading Club Formula – I made US$2,891 (HK$22,410.61), tripled my account in 4 trading days without glue myself in front of the computer. 

You now hold the report card and paper trail of my trading career. I want to help you make your gann trading dream come true.  This challenge is designed for action-takers. 



Here's what You Getn for $1...

#1. No Longer a Slave to your Chart with Astro trade alerts  
When I spot a high reward low risk trade in GBP/USD, DJI, or Gold markets, I will send you a text via Telegram. I only sent you the markets I trade right now. I don't send you anything I don't want.


Our Astro Trade Alerts Group REPORT CARD




#2. The Best Math Trading Tool to Pick the Safest Spot to Enter
4-Week Access to Trading Genius Formula, Module One Video Training. It teaches you how to find the basic construct of a cycle, read the market using High Low Count and the Safest spot to enter using our RRL tool. There are plenty of trade examples, worksheets, and exercises which guide you thru the training. 
🔥 You Can Combine the Speedy Tunnel Time Trade Alert and our Best RRL Tool to pick the Safest Spot to Enter! 

🔥 LESSON 1:  

The Untold Secrets About Price Movement. You'll learn the basics of price movement in the market and how the trend energetically unfolds.

Example - 

Canopy Growth Corp (Stock)
🔥 LESSON 2:  

The Market is Inefficient- Learn how we can Profit hugely from Major Market News!  Buy on News - that's How Soros profited $1 Billion in a USD.JPY trade in 3 months, and we should all do that!

Example - 

a 1,000+ pips move in Japanese Yen
🔥 LESSON 3:  

🔥The Hidden Law of Vibration Secrets🔥

Discover the 3 Implicit Rules that Guide the 1,000 points Market Price Movement in 2-3 months and how we can benefit from it.  You'll learn how the Trend Action and Trend Reaction works, and the examples will show you the find the Direction of the Trend and the Safest Spot to enter the market.

Example -

🔥 LESSON 4:  

How to find Profitable Trading Opportunities using the Implicit Rule of Trend Mechanical Method.  Here's an example of how you can ride on a Major News and profit for a 40% increase of Amazon stock over 4 months. In the News Trading Workshop, I conducted earlier, I've used the exact mathematical formula to predict and recommend the price to buy.


Amazon, Tesla, ßitc0in 

🔥 LESSON 5:  

The Implicit Rule of Trend in Action.  I'll show you how to breakdown the Trend Action & Trend Reaction and this is part of a Non-Farm Payrolls trade I pulled in a LIVE webinar and made a few a hundred pips off the trade.


Forex (a LIVE Non-Farm Payrolls trade)

Proven Mentorship - Coaching Webinar REPLAY Q&A + Homework Walk-Thru REPLAY


AUD.HKD, S&P, Hang Sang Index (HK Stock Market), Gold, Non-Farm Payroll, GBP.USD, JPY.


A step-by-step guide on how to implement the RRL tool on your trading chart.


You've got more options to AMP UP YOUR Challenger experience...

WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong

Here's how the upgrades can enhance your challenge experience:

UGRADE #1: 1:1 Email Support with Khit Wong
During the 4-week, I'm here to hand-hold you through your learning journey to help you pull the trigger and place a trade. You can send me up to 2 pieces of trade homework assignments for grading – GBP/USD, DJI, Gold, or one other market you trade.
🔥 $120 win

Spotted a 5:1 reward to risk ratio EUR/USD.  Exited and profited 112 pips right before the 'unexpected' market reversal
🔥 455 pips win

Spotted a 15:1 reward to risk ratio EUR.USD trade in 2 weeks!
🔥 1700 Points win

Sold HSI at 31777 and made over 1700 points in 7 days.  

🔥 $5,353 win

Long BTC at 10891 and 11446 based on our Math. Formula in 2 days.  

🔥  1,536 ticks win

Made 1,536 ticks in 7 trades using our Consistent Profit System in 2 weeks!
Upgrade #2:  Get My Personal Analysis of Your Trades in ONE MARKET You Choose from My “Trade like the Big Shots” Volume Indicator
In the event you don't trade GBP/USD, DJI, or Gold, you can get MY PERSONAL ANALYSIS of your 3 upcoming trades with suggestions on Which Markets Will Be High Volume & Ripe For Profits!
Example Trade:  MRNA
Example Trade:  Goldman Sachs
Example Trade:  XAU/USD

Questions I know You’re going to Ask…

Q: I trade stocks. Why do you offer GBP/USD, DJI, and Gold trade alerts only?  

A: The Astro trade alerts is based upon my esoteric system inspired by Tunnel Thru the Air. I am currently focusing my trades on GBP/USD, DJI, and Gold. I don't give you anything I am not trading! With the trading assignment, you can use my help to get started with trading GBP/USD, DJI, or Gold.
Alternatively, you can get the Astro Volume Starter or VIP Challenger to get my Personal Analysis of Your Trade in ONE Market You Choose from My “Trade like the Big Shots” Volume Indicator.  

Q: Will we be doing any trading during this challenge?

A: Yes! I'll teach you my best trading tool RRL in the video training. The Astro Trade Alert serves as the One Confirmation Signal that enables you to ride on a big move a few days before it begins. During the 4-week, you can send me two trading assignments for grading – DJI, GBP/USD, Gold, or any markets you're trading.

Q: Do I need to trade with a real account during this challenge?

A: You can practice on a 'demo account' where you trade the live markets, but with fake money. Here's the first step to developing the confidence you need to deal with real money!

Q: Does your method apply only to DJI, Gold & Forex? What TimeFrame should I use?

A: As WD. Gann said every movement in the market is the result of a Natural Law and of a Cause that exists long before the Effect takes place and can be determined in advance.
Inspired by Gann, I have uncovered a 'Natural Mathematical Law,' an Implicit Rule of Trend that governs the expansion and the contraction of the market. Just like Gravity, a natural law applies to all markets, commodities, indices & stocks like HSBC, AAPL, GS, SPY, DIA, GOOG, AMZN, TSLA...etc., and any other timeframes.

Q: Do I need to subscribe to paid software?

A: You don't need to subscribe to paid tools. You can use as a charting software and Telegram app to receive the trade alerts. They're all free of charge!

Q: How do I access the Astro Trade Alerts?

A: You need a smartphone to get the Telegram App.  The App is free of charge!


Why you should learn from me?

Khit is the first Hong Konger in over a decade to be invited to contribute articles & forecasts on His works can also be found in “Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities” and “Traders World”.

You don’t have to spend a lifetime studying esoteric market strategies to profit from Gann’s teaching. Khit has created a simple, repeatable process for you to trade the market of your choice. The repeated successes of our clients are proof that our methods work. Khit’s methods of decoding Gann’s market cycles are not on trial, even amongst the most experienced professionals. 

0:12 My Book on the Tunnel Thru the Air Secrets

0:21 I predicted the Gold Tops and Bottoms

0:25 The prediction still works after 5 years the book was published.


Want this? Let's make this happen for YOU


Am I a Legit Gann Teacher? 
Don't Take My Word For It...

"A lot of Gann courses are great in theory but it’s very very difficult if not impossible to apply to the market because it’s so complicated. The reason why I really love the Gann Explained course was it’s very optimal. You can you know you get a lesson you practice you can use it it’s very usable."

Nikolas P, USA

"You can’t find anybody in the United States that has anything similar equal or anything that’s even predicted as far as you know what Khit offers. He offers the greatest science that actually unveils a prediction in the market." 

Ted. USA
Real Traders
Just like you, with Real Results
“I made 150 pips on one Euro Trade. I made $3,000 USD before the course ends by using a mathematically predictive formula.”

Ted E. USA

“I made a trade on the GBP.AUD and I made about $400 USD today and that was from one of Khit’s lessons.”
Nikolas P. USA
“In one trade, I made $1,000 USD and more in less than 15 days by learning how to find the exact point to enter.”
Mohammed M. Saudia Arabia
“I'm a prop. trader. I incorporate this into my long term macro investing strategy."
Jakob, Sweden


Get Real Results

Are you ready to Take Charge of Your Future with a Simple, Repeatable System instead of Leaving It Up to Speculation and Chance?  We've got you covered...

W.D. Gann Trader Challenge has EVERYTHING YOU NEED

WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong
4-week access to t Astro trade alerts on Telegram App (DJI/Nasdaq, GBP/USD, and Gold) based on my Esoteric Method. It will point you to where the big trend starts ahead of time so you can trade with less stress and more certainty. 
WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong
4-week access to training videos in Module One of our Signature Course Trading Genius Formula - includes how to find the Safest Spot to Enter, how to Read the Market (Trending vs Range-Bound) and Change in Trend. You’ll get cheat sheets, exercise so you get off the ground on the right foot, fast.
WD Gann Trader Challenge Khit Wong
Combine the Astro Trade Alerts in our Telegram Channel and  our Math Trading Tool taught in Trading Genius Formula to ID the safe spot to enter a trade even if you've a 9-5 job!

Get Real Results

Here's What You Can Choose...

Real GANN Trader, THIS is YOUR TIME. Join me in the ‘W.D. Gann Trader Challenge' and Change Your Trading Experience Right Now!
Don’t let pessimistic fear hold you back. I’ve been there. If you can trust this process, you will wake up YEARS from now, proud that you had the guts to not let this opportunity pass you by.
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