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Khit Wong
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Answers the Age Old Question:

Have you been failing at trading? Taking shots in the dark at what you “think” the market will do? 

Or even worse… followed a “guru” who turned out to be less than successful

You CAN'T trust a coach unless you see their (or their students) Trading Statements Published.
You’ve spent years reading the original Tunnel Thru the Air book... problem is, you know intrinsically something isn’t right but you can’t figure it out…and nobody's actually telling you HOW to do that!

Where do you start? It's hard to know where to get UNSTUCK.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

We are an answer to these problems

You cannot find ‘The Future is but a Repetition of the Past’ work in the market because the Financial Market and Candle Stick works like Physics. Your profitability is directly related to your understanding of the remaining energy stored in the price at the moment. 
The Market Works Like Physics. The SECRET is in the Remaining Stored Value of the Candle Stick.

Think of the metal balls swinging pendulum; it shows the Law about Conservation of Momentum and Energy. The energy runs through the balls, which affects how far the metal balls will fly. The same applies to the energy stores in the price of each candle. 
The Law about Conservation of Momentum and Energy governs the Financial Market

"If you want to figure out what the market is doing next, rally, plunge, or consolidation, you need to work out the STORED ENERGY VALUE inside the price (candle). Without which even you've won some money, you will be losing back to the market over time."  Khit Wong
The Science of Decoding Gann’s Work! 
Are You Ready To Experience the Science of Decoding Gann's Work?
Learn & Implement the 3 Simple Steps used by My Students to 
CATCH High Reward Low Risk Trades
Step 1: Decode

Seeing Gann's Work thru Khit's Lens!  Khit has decoded one of the most complex Astro trading methodologies to ever come out of the Tunnel Thru the Air. He walks you through his rationale of how he predicts market price action on the right side of the chart.  

"It's very educational because there's a rationale behind it. Khit uses his methodology that he's teaching and oftentimes he will make corrections based on that information."

Full-Time Trader Mark F., England
Review on Gann Explained Astro Trade Alert

“The Astro signal alerts work on two levels. One is that it's a really positive heads up to some in impending sort of movement in the market. But also I think it's very educational because there's a rationale behind it. Khit uses his methodology that he's teaching and oftentimes he will make corrections based on that information or he will give some heads up as to why you know the market's moving towards certain types of energy or it's moving in a certain direction for a certain reason or a certain price point based on calculations so I think it's it's been very effective.” 

STEP 2: Apply

Our trading education materials are not on trial. They have passed with flying colors for Khit as well as his students. For any skeptics, please see his trading statements for yourself! After you complete the 6 training videos, and joined our Astro Trade Alert channels on Telegram, it will be time to put our theories to the test! Our Gann Community has received 1,000’s of these signals from Khit’s Esoteric Method since 2012!  

"I always thought that a reaction was random. I never thought that not only does it repeat, but it is also EXACT."

 David H, Australia
Review on Trade Like W.D. Gann Challenge

“The power of RRL (Repeating Reaction Limit) - I always thought that a reaction was random. I never thought that not only does it repeat, but it is also exact. And knowing that the Action energy is at least double Reaction energy helps to define a trend turning point. All other technical analyses are looking back, they don't tell me when the trend has finished.”

"I can get into a trade in the correct direction for the longer-term trend using the shorter term."

 Rob, England
Review on Trade Like W.D. Gann Challenge

“If I used that on multiple timeframes like I don't know hourly daily possibly even weekly or monthly you could kind of say well I know that the longer-term the trend is going to go in one direction. But knowing that the shorter-term trend is rebounding for example and it's due for a correction then I know roughly how what magnitude that selection will be then I can get into a trade in the correct direction for the longer-term trend using the shorter term timeframes to help with the timing and knowing roughly when it will turn.” 

Step 3: Master

Now, it’s time to truly see Khit Wong’s Mathematical & Astro trading Experience in action. Steps 1 & 2 will give you the CONFIDENCE you need to pull the trigger and revolutionize your trading experience. This is our promise. Khit Wong will never give you a call on any market that Khit is not trading personally, or would be willing to risk his own capital on. 

"You brought us along for the journey rather than just leaving it at just a market call."

 Andrew L., Australia
Review on Astro Trade Alert

“The signals helped me stalk for trades with increased confidence in trend direction. I was able to catch some nice moves, sometimes trading multiple times within the guidelines of the signal. I also had not traded gold or US indices before, mainly focusing on FX pairs, so the signals broadened my trading exposure. I also liked your additional commentary to share your up-to-date thinking on previous signals. You brought us along for the journey rather than just leaving it at just a market call.” 

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Here's How It Works...
  • PLAN YOUR TRADING SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE: 4-week access to Astro trade alerts days before execution for time to prepare your strategy so you can Get Profits, Spend More Time with your Family, and bless them with the things they want!
  • CATCH BIG PROFIT TINY RISK TRADES: Teachings on how to read the markets and know a change in trends vs. a range-bound market. Zones for Safe Spots to enter a trade with tight stop loss guidelines.
  • TELL, SHOW & APPLY FORMAT: In depth Access to Khit’s Mathematical Trading Formula that provides a duplicatable and understandable process. Training Videos & Cheat Sheets to get you off to the right start.
  • NO ASTRO SOFTWARE: All you need is download a free app 'Telegram' on your phone to gain access to Astro trade alerts.


My Students are able to Catch Big Moves & Profit from Trades...

🔥 455 pips win
Spotted a 15:1 reward to risk ratio EUR.USD trade in 2 weeks!

🔥 1700 Points win 
Sold HSI at 31777 and made over 1700 points in 7 days.  

🔥 $5,353 win
Long BTC at 10891 and 11446 based on our Math. Formula in 2 days. 

🔥 1,536 ticks win
Made 1,536 ticks in 7 trades using our Consistent Profit System in 2 weeks!

Here's What You Get
  • 4-Week Access to Trading Genius Formula Module One
  • 4-Week Astro Trade Alert on Telegram FREE:  You can gain access to GBP/USD, Gold and Dow/Nasdaq Astro Trade Alerts for 3 Weeks FREE So you can schedule your trading days in advance!
  • Repeating Reaction Limit (RRL) Worksheet FREE:  A step-by-step guide on how to implement the RRL trading tool (Natural Law) on your trading chart.
4-Week Access to
Trading Genius Module One includes...
  • 🔥 LESSON 1: The Untold Secrets About Price Movement. You'll learn the basics of price movement in the market and how the trend energetically unfolds.
  • 🔥 LESSON 2:  The Market is Inefficient- Learn how we can Profit hugely from Major Market News! Buy on News - that's How Soros profited $1 Billion in a USD.JPY trade in 3 months, and we should all do that! Example:  a 1,000+ pips move in Japanese Yen
  • 🔥 LESSON 3:  🔥The Hidden Law of Vibration Secrets🔥 Discover the 3 Implicit Rules that Guide the 1,000 points Market Price Movement in 2-3 months and how we can benefit from it. You'll learn how the Trend Action and Trend Reaction works, and the examples will show you the find the Direction of the Trend and the Safest Spot to enter the market. Example: Dow
  • 🔥 LESSON 4:  How to find Profitable Trading Opportunities using the Implicit Rule of Trend Mechanical Method. Here's an example of how you can ride on a Major News and profit for a 40% increase of Amazon stock over 4 months. In the News Trading Workshop, I conducted earlier, I've used the exact mathematical formula to predict and recommend the price to buy.  Example: Amazon, Tesla, Bitcoin 
  • 🔥 LESSON 5:  The Implicit Rule of Trend in Action. I'll show you how to breakdown the Trend Action & Trend Reaction and this is part of a Non-Farm Payrolls trade I pulled in a LIVE webinar and made a few a hundred pips off the trade. Example: Forex (a LIVE Non-Farm Payrolls trade)
  • 🔥  SUPER BONUS: Proven Mentorship - Coaching Webinar REPLAY Q&A + Homework Walk-Thru REPLAY.  Examples:  AUD.HKD, S&P, Hang Sang Index (HK Stock Market), Gold, Non-Farm Payroll, GBP.USD, JPY.

"The Gann Explained Courses is Very Usable."

Part-Time Trader, Nicholas P, USA
Review on Trading Genius Formula

"A lot of Gann courses are great in theory but it’s very very difficult if not impossible to apply to the market because it’s so complicated. The reason why I really love the Gann Explained course was it’s very optimal. You can you know you get a lesson you practice you can use, it it’s very usable."

4-Week FREE Access to
Astro Trade Alerts

"I made $120.  Perfect Spot time on Sending the GBP"

Part-Time Trader, Mike M, England
Review on Astro Trade Alert

"I have made $120.  I have used small sized lots 0.4 And have closed around 1.395.  I thought booking some money is really what i need. Perfect spotting Khit for the send time on GBP."  

You're investing in Battle-Tested, Proven Profitable Trading System. 
  • ​I'm an active trader.  I put my money on the line, testing, trading and profiting from my methodologies. 
  • I help my students to Produce Results On Repeat.
  • ​I've devoted my best energies towards all the known sciences related to Natural Law.
  • I studied all sorts of manuscripts and literature from quantum physics, fractals, biology, weather patterns, history, the Bible, ancient literature, and Chinese astrology.
  • I've made profitable live market calls and forecasts in the market since 2009, from Wave59 forum,, to my own Astro Trade Alert channels.

 "It was very easy when you put a trade you know how to enter the trade and how to exit the trade, that's the secret!"

Part-Time Trader, Marwen S., France
Review on Trading Genius Formula

"I did the trading genius formula and it was very easy when you put a trade you know how to enter the trade and how to exit the trade that's the secret. It is very dynamic, very easy math, you can exit the market when you see the support and the resistance. The best thing I have is the gold market. The gold market is very fast, and all the people I know from telegram or some friends I have who do trading. They sell the gold; they blow up their account very very fast, but with the genius formula, it's not."

IMAGINE, how your trading life would be different if you could actually PLAN YOUR TRADING DAYS IN ADVANCE, Catch BIG MOVES & Make PROFIT...
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"It's given me Peace of Mind and Freedom.   None of us can buy any more time but you can buy knowledge you can buy wisdom if you go to the right places and certainly Khit is one of those sources."

Full-Time Trader/ Investor, Mark F., England
Review on Gann Explained Square of Nine Book

"The biggest change in my life is is having the enjoyment and freedom. I'm scaling up and I’m looking forward to a good long healthy retirement and with the resources to do it; and enjoy and learning even more.  

It's changed my life has changed my life in so many good ways. Financially yes, spiritually yes intellectually yes, I mean there's not a downside to it if i'm being honest.

I've just bought a car that's many many times more than that so it’s paid for me a car and other things, and it's given me Peace of Mind it's giving me Freedom. 

Now i've got the time and the resources to enjoy it I could have carried on I said saved a few pounds here and there and not invested but I would have still been thinking I'd have still been spinning my wheels with low cost or no cost information all over the internet. So that's the biggest single thing if you're on the fence ask yourself what's your time with and what's your life going to be like when you get the freedom and the and the resources the income that comes from this because those two things when you combine them none of us can buy any more time but you can buy knowledge you can buy wisdom if you go to the right places and certainly Khit is one of those sources."

Disclaimer: Khit Wong and all members of Gann Explained LLC are NOT financial advisors, and nothing they say are meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. All information is strictly educational and/or opinion.  Trading is DIFFICULT. Khit Wong's trading result is NOT TYPICAL.

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