The Never Revealed Secrets of
 The Son of Man, 3 Days & 3 Nights Cycle
The Real Natal Dates | Intepret the Bible Phrase | Predict the Time Turns
"The Formula I Personally Use that Hit a 80% Success Rate in Predicting the Market.  You'll get Yearly Major Turns at least 6 months ahead."  Khit Wong
See What my Client Has to say
Discover the Sepharial Cycle Secret that allows You to Foreknow the Market Turn and Pinpoint the Possible Top & Bottom Down to One Trading Day (with Near Zero Tolerance)

Decoding the ONE Sentence that COMPLETELY REDEFINED the True Essence of a Cycle and Unlock the Sepharial secrets.  Here's What You'll Learn:
  Predict the Time Turns - with Near Zero Tolerance
The understanding of the real structure of the market that completely redefined the true essence of a cycle.

The method that gives you Consistent Success so you can predict the Time Turns on any market you're trading!.

You'll get Yearly Major Turns at least 6 months ahead.

Uncovering the Sepharial Cycle Secrets to Pinpoint the Possible Tops  Bottom down to One Trading Day - with near ZERO TOLERANCE !

A Revelation about Natal Code
It helps you to Confirm and Verify the exact Natal information you need to make correct astrological analysis.

The New Level of Understanding on the 'Natal Date' of the Commodity is not necessarily the IPO or the First Trading Date.

Successfully Predicted over 20 Turns in 8 Markets
It's a Proven Formula that works in any market!  GBPUSD 2002,2007,2018
 HSI 2008,2011,2015
 SSEC 2006,2009,2015
 JPY 1998,2012
 EURO 2002, 2005, 2015,
 OIL 2009,2011,2016
 DJI 2008,2016
 Let's Hear What My Clients Have to Say 
on the Son of Man Book
4o-Year Experience Astro Trader, Ted E., U.S.A |  Engineer & Full-Time Trader, Juan M., Canada
4o-Year Experience Astro Trader, Ted E., U.S.A
Engineer & Full-Time Trader, Juan M., Canada

The Prediction Looks like this!

Here's What You Get

A 31-Pages Booklet on the Never-Revealed Sepharial Natal Cycle Formula
4  Examples
40-Day Personal Email Access to help you achieve your goals

 As you know, Mr. Gann was  a profilic student of the Bible and many of his secrets are decoded from the Sacred Scripture.

40 is the common repeated number in the Bible.  The number 40 appears so often in contexts dealing with judgment or testing, many scholars understood it to be the number of “probation” or “trial.”

 “40 days” seem to be a number that God has chosen to help emphasize times of trouble and hardship.  And I want to help you learn the 3 Days and 3 Nights Cycle Formula in 40 days!

 Not sure the best way to become a Consistently & Wildly Profitable trader? Follow these simple steps and take actions now, it will save you years of work!
Trading Genius Formula/ Law of Vibration
“Mathematics or time math to the markets into geometry is not something easy and the Trading Genius Formula has done that.”
"The formula provides structure is based on what the market is doing so it’s relatively dynamic. Not static. Nothing compared to a static indicator that you see on most of the literature or the books. It’s leaps and bounds better than just about anything I’ve seen especially for the price and take it from someone who’s been looking at the market for 15 years.”

Juan M., Canada
Nikolas made $400 profit from a GBP.AUD trade that was from one of Khit's lessons
"It's a very usable . A lot of Gann courses are great in theory but it's very very difficult if not impossible to apply to the market because it's so complicated. I love the ease of application and trading has to be simple, it has to be you know step one step two step three if you don't have that recipe it doesn't matter what you're doing you're just gonna go round around circles." 

Nikolas P. USA
It took Mohammed to make $1,000+ with a capital of $8,000 in 14 days
You have literally turned my inconsistent trading into a long winning streak. Thank you very much and with the capital of US$8,000, I have now made over US$1,000 in the first 2 weeks after taking your course.’'

Mohammed M, Saudi Arabia
It took Ted to get from inconsistent returns to $3,000 in 90 day
"Your development of unique tools to read market behavior are instrumental in making profits trading. The help you give in teaching the homework really illustrates and brings home the meanings of use of your unique formulas so the students will really be able to trade and make profits. I think this is the best Gann course, and if applied will lead the unsuccessful trader to trading success.
I have made roughly $3000 in this course."

Ted. E, USA
” In a few weeks, I made approximately sometimes a couple of hundreds, a thousand and $2000 holding stock (Starbucks) from 6-7 days.”
“I like the most about the course give me a lot of valuable information and those things almost impossible for me to find like the RRL and the dark energy, you cannot find anywhere so far. 
If you want to be a profitable trader this is the course you need I guarantee, you won’t regret it.”

 Wai W., Canada - Part-Time Trader
Jakob finds the Mathematical Formula useful for long term macro investing and has incorporated this into my trading plan!
"I want to do long term macro investing. I would say that this course has a lot of good things right. You using that crap (technical indicators) in trading you’re creating someone else’s business model this is not your business. You’re up against the biggest and biggest money organizations in the world and the smartest people in the world you really have no chance. You have to be way smarter than that and this course provides some ways to think about the market. You can incorporate this into your trading plan it’s going to help you so I believe that it’s worth the money it is good education compared to the 95% of the crap that exists out there so you will not be disappointed so give them a try.” 

 Jakob, Sweden - Proprietary Trader
Here's what they say and the Winning Trades from our Students
The Tunnel Thru the Air
 Inner Circle Group
After joining our Tunnel Group, Ted has 92% Success Rate and he has made around $6,000 right of the bat.  Watch what Ted has to say:
"The investment that I paid to become part of the inner circle group paid big dividends because very soon I'll recoup all of the monies I put in there via my trading.  Khit gives you regarding some of the secrets astrologically. Anybody that wants to take their trading up to the next level needs to join the Inner Circle group in order to participate with all these subtleties of the astrological information which is so important to have an astrological filter behind your trading..."  Ted, USA
About our Tunnel Group:

Secret #1 : The Best-Kept Secrets Revealed - How to decode Biblical Cycle encrypted in Tunnel Thru The Air Chapter VII.

Secret #2 More Wins, Less Losses - My never before revealed about How to Master Moon Trading Technique to Spot Lots of Trading Opportunities so You Will Stop The Need of Chasing Missed Opportunities (Hint: no "experts" have ever taught how thte market is actually doing in an astrological sense)

Secret #3 Decode More - Discover the Way to Interpret W.D. Gann Materials You Won't Find it Anywhere!

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