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Discover the Secrets on How to Trade News Profitably (NOT Speculating on Rumors)!

Buying On News (NOT Rumors) cos the Market is ‘INEFFICIENT’ and learn how you can take opportunity in the current market.
Will Qualitative Easing help to fight the next recession?
What if you can profit from a news circulated in the Market since March. 13...

Based on a Japan Easing news, George Soros short-sold Japanese Yen in 2012, hold it for 3 months and made ONE billion US dollar.  

Now, I'm not saying you'll get his exact results, but what if you can learn how pick a Major news, buy, short-sell and hold for a period of time and wait for the market to get to its ultimate price.

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My Unique News Trading Method
Page 19 of my  trading book published in 2011 - accurately predicted 6 bottoms and tops for the gold markets from 2011-2017.
the whole 15 years of the major moves in Sprint Corporation’s life can be explained by 6 major news events released marked on the chart below
About Khit Wong
2017 Big Calls on FX Street includes:
Buy GBP.USD after 21 June 2017 14:14 UTC - 300 pips & $10,784 win
Buy Gold at $1,280 on 24th May, 2017 7:00 UTC and sell on $1,326 on Sept 6 - US$8,641 win 
My name is Khit Wong and founder of Gann Explained.  I’m an active trader. 
You may have read some of my articles & forecasts on FXStreet.com and magazines like “Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities” and “Traders World”.  I'm the only Hong Kong Chinese they invited to contribute based on my trading successes over the last 15 years and that one of my trading books predicted a lot of the bottoms and tops for numerous markets from 2012-2018 on my $7,500 worth trading.

I want to share with you the little known proven trading methodology on how to trade consistently profitable without having to chain yourself to your computer. It's not fun giving up your social life for trading!

Discover the Secrets on How to Trade News Profitably (NOT Speculating on Rumors)!
Powell says FED will aggressively use QE to fight next recession...

#1. Buying On News (NOT Rumors) cos the Market is INEFFICIENT

Reverse Engineering How George Soros short-sold Yen AFTER Bank of Japan Easing news, hold it for 3 months and made 1 billion 
Now, I'm not saying you'll get his exact results, but what if you can learn how pick a Major news, buy or short-sell, hold and profit from it? 
Ignore Market Noise, or it can derail your trading.  Is that true?...

#2. What Specific News to Focus On so You don't get caught in "Market Noise"

Distinguish Theme vs Noise of the market by ONE Magic Keyword (Real Examples: How to Trade Gold with FED policy and CPI data)
What's the 'THEME' running TESLA? ... Tech? or Innovation?

#3. How to find the Profitable 'Noise' Signal to Buy or Sell (This is a Priceless Tool!)

1. How to identify the correct 'Theme' playing out in the markets you trade
2. How to find the Noise to pull a trade.

Illustrated with my unique Entry Technique on charts (Real-Life Examples: FB, TLSA)

An Implicit Support Level that takes all the Guesswork out of Entering the Market (NOT Fibonacci Ratio)

#4. The Never Revealed 'Entry' Technique Predicting 'Price & Time' Turns in Advance 

Combining the math tool that predicting the price & time turn, you can profit from news trading signals confidently and profitably (Examples: FB, The US-China Trade war)

Illustrated with my unique Entry Technique on charts Examples: FB, TLSA)
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#1.  Homework Walkthrough

#2. AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the News Trading Workshop Webinar Replay

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It took Ted* to get from inconsistent returns to $3,000 in 90 day

Your development of unique tools to read market behavior are instrumental in making profits trading. The help you give in teaching the homework really illustrates and brings home the meanings of use of your unique formulas so the students will really be able to trade and make profits. I think this is the best Gann course, and if applied will lead the unsuccessful trader to trading success.

I have made roughly $3000 in this course.

Ted E. USA

It's leaps and bounds better than just about anything I've seen especially for the price and take it from someone who's been looking at the market for 15 years."

The formula provides structure is based on what the market is doing so it's relatively dynamic. Not static. Nothing compared to a static indicator that you see on most of the literature or the books.
Juan M., Canada

It took Mohammed to make $1,000+ with a capital of $8,000 in 14 days

You have literally turned my inconsistent trading into a long winning streak. Thank you very much and with the capital of US$8,000, I have now made over US$1,000 in the first 2 weeks after taking your course.’'

Mohammed M, Saudi Arabia

“I made a trade on the GBP.AUD and I made about $400 USD today and that was from one of Khit’s lessons.”

 The reason why I really love the Gann Explained course was it’s very optimal. You can you know you get a lesson you practice you can use it it’s very usable. A lot of Gann courses are great in theory but it’s very very difficult if not impossible to apply to the market because it’s so complicated.

Nikolas, P. USA
Discover the Secrets on How to Trade News Profitably (NOT Speculating on Rumors)!
We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared. 
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